Frequently Asked Questions


What is Sunshine Tape’s minimum order quantity?


What is the shelf life of Sunshine Tape’s Hair Replacement and Hair Extension tape?
At what temperature should tape be stored?
Can direct heat like a flat iron be applied to Hair Extension tapes for longer hold?
Will I be able to remove residue with your removers?
Are Sunshine Tape’s products Hypoallergenic?
Do either the Hair Replacement or Hair Extension tapes contain Latex?
Are Sunshine Tape’s products Made in the USA?
How can I test to see what is safe for my client’s skin?
Are there any tutorials or videos on how to properly install and use Sunshine Tape’s products?


How can I receive free shipping?
When will my order ship?
Does Sunshine Tape ship internationally and how does international shipping work?
Can Dangerous or Hazardous Goods be shipped internationally?


What payment methods does Sunshine Tape accept?


Does Sunshine Tape have SDS (MSDS) Sheets?
As a Sunshine Tape Wholesaler, how can I receive images of Sunshine Tape products?


What is your Return Policy?


Do you offer a Warranty?

Private Labeling

Is Private Labeling offered for all of Sunshine Tape’s products?
Once Private Label artwork is approved, how long does it normally take to receive private label goods?


How can I get in touch with Sunshine Tape?